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Welcome to Scout Internet Patch Award

The Scout Internet Patch Award was started in 2007 as a fun and informative activity for Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scout Leaders to demonstrate their knowledge of Scouting, Computers and the Internet. We have developed three distinct and different online interactive quizzes to take; one each for Boys Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scout Leaders. Each exam will test your knowledge of Scouting, computers and the web.

Scout Web Award Certificate
Those Scouts who are web savvy and score 100% on the interactive online quiz can print out an official personalized Scout Internet Award Certificate on their printer to display as an award for their achievement. Additionally, those who master their particular test will have the opportunity to order the Scout Internet Patch to wear as an award.
Internet Scout Patch

The Internet Scout Patch Award emblem is an nicely embroidered 3" round award as shown to the right. It is embroidered with 7 colors and includes a button loop so Scouts can easily place it on their left pocket button to wear as a temporary award emblem.

Are you ready for the challenge? Choose the appropriate area from the top menu of the site and read more about your particular quiz. The Scout Internet Award makes for a great family, Den, Patrol or even a Roundtable activity. Share your knowledge of the web and complete the quiz as a group or as an individual.

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